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www. sugahpuff.com

hell to the yay !
yeash. I now own the domain.
i've been wanting this domain since coon's age,
but too bad somebody has pwned this domain.

but suddenly, few days ago.
*wind blows* *fox howls*
this guy buzzed me on my messenger and asked me
to check out sugahpuff.com
and yeah, the rest is history.
in short, i own the domain now.
yippie !

so what do you think i shall do to thank him ?
well, i was thinking to marry his pet so i can be
part of his family actually . XD

well, i don't know if he might kill me because
i write about him or not, but hell with it.

but this guy is genius and yet talented,
he plays drum by the way.
you gotta see how he
smack the drum, i bet you'll slobber to death :D

well, enough. you can tail him on his twitter if
you're interested :))

ah, am to sleepy. i'm better off to bed before
i start slurring my text.

4 Responses to “fuckyeah.com”

  1. what is sugahpuff means anyway? do you like sugar maybe? :-P

  2. Hai kamu.
    Aku singgah looh!
    * lambaikan saputangan *


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