To Love And To Infidel

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I've been wanting to make this post since long time ago, but you know laziness. :))

Akhir-akhir ini rajin dicurhatin sama beberapa orang, topiknya sama. Perselingkuhan. And I find this interesting. I keep asking what actually make people cheat. Why do people cheat and what can actually stop them. Well I'm telling you first I'm not going to write any solution for this, I'm just writing down my thoughts, so please don't expect anything. And if any of your curhatan has been written down here, I'm sorry. I'll keep your name safe. *dibunuh* :))

This is a story about my friend. Lulusan S2 Universitas Teknik di Jerman. Kerja di salah satu perusahaan mobil Jerman. Pinter, jago main musik, mapan, punya karier bagus, punya apartemen sendiri. Then he told me he got cheated. The girl cheated with someone yang berlabel 'bad boy'. Yeah, you've heard about it. Girl loves bad boy. This friend of mine is one kind of perfect guy if I may say. He has everything. Then he still got cheated. I said maybe he was too boring so her girlfriend cheated on him, he said he almost had done all things girl needs. Dari yang romantis sampai gila seru2an semacam nginep di halte bis di kota orang. Then why his girlfriend still cheated on him ?

Another story is a guy is in relationships with a girl who's engaged. She didn't love her fiance. But she has to do it.

Another story (of course) from my own boyfriend with all of his reputation as a player. I'm just curious about why people cheat and it makes me keep thinking why. Then I asked my boyfriend a lot about this. Ya mumpung ada narasumber terdekat.. :))

Well three of these stories are cheating in different case. My boyfriend plays in a band (dulunya). You probably know a little bit gimana kelakuan anak-anak band and how girls love anak band just because they look cool (this is one thing that I don't get either). Lalu dengan label anak band those guy could easily attract girls without any effort. They don't even need to do anything, those girls will willingly surrender themselves to them. Lalu cowo2 menyambutnya dengan tangan terbuka. In this case, why he cheated is acceptable for me. Perasaan diidolai dan dikagumi wanita emang menyenangkan, then it happened. I say this is kebandelan saat remaja. Then he says pada akhirnya he felt tired to keep on cheating. He realizes that he just want to be loved. Pengen cinta yang utuh dari seseorang. It sounds gay I know but that's what he said. :)) 

Then, masalah temen gue yang one kind of perfect but still got cheated. This is one thing that I myself don't even understand what actually girls want. She chased him at first, but now everything turns the way around. She said he's boring, then she cheated on him. Lucunya adalah this guy has done everything that girls need. Sing her on the phone, expensive bags, took 6 hours train just to see her, travel to Paris together, slept on the sideways together. Aren't we girls need that ? Romantism, spontanism, a settled guy. But that still can't make her stay. She still said he's too boring because he kept paying attention to her and her every activities. Then it went through my mind, so in order to make a girl sticks to you is through her neurotic system ? Like, making her feel insecure all the time ? I don't know. I don't get this either. I just think it probably could be like that.

Girls are hard to understand aren't they ? :)) They waste their time finding kind of bad guy because it's more challenging, then struggle like thousand years to change them and by the time the guy change, girls will say guys are boring. I really wish I'm not that kind of girl. :))

Then another story, about a guy who cheated with an engaged girl. This is actually pretty much the same as me and my bf's story. I wouldn't say this is wrong or right, as I know the reason why people are doing it. That's just not my capability to explain. I talked to my bf about this and asked what actually people are thinking when they were engaged but still cheated on their partner. He said it was because he just doesn't love his partner anymore, but it becomes complicated because there are family involved in. It's not easy to abandon your relationships even when you don't want it anymore. He said he wasn't afraid to get caught of her fiancee when he cheated, he just considered the families' feeling. I'm not sure this is good thing or bad thing. Good thing karena ada satu ikatan yang lebih mengikat, bad thing karena perasaannya jadi bias. Hubungannya dipertahankan karena benar-benar cinta, atau karena ga enak sama keluarga semata.

The point is apparently, people cheat not only because of sexual reason like what we read in articles. Then what can we do to prevent this ? I've told you I don't know. I'm just writing down my thought. I'm not even sure where am I going with this post. Anyway, nobody is demanding my explanation why did I cheat too, right ? :))

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