he's green while i'm blue

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 · Posted in

Yeah.. baru selese modelling pensil.
a simple object thou..
but i'm so happy with the outcome
special thanks to car buat presetnya..
wait for me..
I'm chasing after you
someday my 3d will be as great as yours..
I swear

and, this..
i try to create my name in 3dsmax..
look at the colors ..
me likey !!

4 Responses to “he's green while i'm blue”

  1. keren.. lucu ni ,walopun iseng tapi jadi bagus kena poey... buat lagi yg keg geneh

  2. namamuuuuu...
    apalah ituuuu ??

    iya.. aku suka warnanya
    ceria berwarna warni indah sekaliii

  3. Nice workk..!
    even it was simple objects but look cool; cute n colourful..

  4. haha..
    yeahh.. its so colourfulll !!


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