bday gifts

Friday, October 16, 2009 · Posted in , ,

I love gifts ! LOL
well, yesterday was my birthday, so I got
some gifts. take a look at these.

This is a handmade present from my besties, Jeanot
isn't it cute ??
she made a necklace for me, and write 24 quotes
what a sweet present, isn't it ?
she's too kind. LOL

and today, I got a package, and another YEAYness !
my wondershoe just arrived
that shoes really made my day !
that red shoes is from my besties, jeanot

and this one is from my auntie.

nah ! look at this necklace.
this is [againnn] from my besties, jeanot
she knew I want this necklace so bad then she bought me one
I've told you, she's ultra kind !

well, those are my lovely presents.
those stuff really make a great birthday to me.
yeayy !! and thankssss !!

2 Responses to “bday gifts”

  1. Oooowwwwww... baik sekali yah temanmu ituu.. hahaha...buatan mana sih dia?? :hammer:

    Yay People, i'm not always be an ultra kind like she said. haha. trust me! :D

    Hehe.. truly glad that you had a great birthday! ^.~

  2. hahaha.. buatan cina dianya.. kw2.. LOL

    yeah, so i'm the chosen one, huh ? :D


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