kill meh !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 · Posted in ,

this Ferrari's really fucked me up !
I've tried to model this from spline and i always end up failed
what the hell is so wrong ?!
I've been trying around 7 times, and i still found a hole on my object
I've connected, weld , attach the vertices but the fucking hole
is still there !!!
ahhh.. asssss !!!
kill mehhhh !!

yeah. I mean that hole !
I just don't understand how to fix it =__=

and this is my oh-so-desperate face
sorry for my messy look.
excuse my background, anyway.
I'm too lazy to edit the pic :p
gahhh !!
I'm so screwed !
I'm going to find a video tutorial anyway,
hope it would help much.

7 Responses to “kill meh !”

  1. Wkwkwkwkk... but afer screwed last nite, then you find something fun, right?! LOL hahahha

    People, even she said so, she was so screwed, desperate, but surely, a couple days ahead, she will finish it perfectly..coz she is POE..who never give up on anything she deal wif.. :wink:

    Ah yahh, she the last Poe picture above? See the background?? If we can move the frame to up-right bout one metre, we can see a sweet little girl pic there!! What? Yeah, correct! POe's picture when she was bout 6 or 7 years maybe. Other time i'll post that picture!! Hahaha.. Ssttt,,,

  2. I'm gonna terminate you, if you dare tooooo !!!! x__x

  3. Wewwww..!! She is gonna terminate me if i'm dare.. *think n think* haha..

  4. haha. you won't dare to do it now.. I'm so sureee. nyihihi

  5. Why u so sure??? hahahha..

  6. do i need to give you our chat logs ? :p

  7. Hahahaha... NO NEED!! :D


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