meet my biatches

Monday, October 5, 2009 · Posted in , , ,

introducing you my lovely bitches. :)
[ bitches equals to BFF ]
together we rock the world. haha
setelah sekian lama ngga karaoke bareng mereka, akhirnya tadi malem karaoke lagi.

anyway, I found this OH-SO-CUTE ring
this is cute as hell !!
I'm craving for those ringssss :(

SHArings by Lily Yung

me want one, please ? :[

2 Responses to “meet my biatches”

  1. Haha.. bitches=BFF ?? wkwkkwk

    Ahhhh, cincinnya lucu sekaliii.....!!! Dijual di mana sih ya???

  2. itu dia. ga tau dijual dimana tuh cincin. i want it so baddddd !!!


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