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uh-oh, i'm feeling 3dsmaxorgasm !
hehe.. pardon my language !

so, this is what I did lately. modelling the dining room.
and I just finished rendering my interior thangs tonight.
first i was so desperate because i tried for almost 8 times ,
but the pictures always rendered perfectly pitch black.
I almost cried that time, and I crazily zoom in, zoom out and
try to deal with the camera view, perspective view and nananana..
and voila !
this is what I got. hehe..
I'm overjoyed to see the rendered image,
and now I'm feeling like i wanna french-kissed myself !

I will update the pictures in another view.
I'm too sleepy to render the image now. :D
smooch you goodbye, everyone !

9 Responses to “3dsorgasm”

  1. udah keren..siap jual. tinggal naikin radius line nya jadi 0,001 nm... biar ga putus2

  2. gmn pw,jd kerja d luar ?
    kerjanya ngedit2 kyk gini yah
    aq uda bikin postingan baru lho, hehe

  3. saya ga pernah 3dorgasm mbak. maap ya. hehe. -- gambarnya lo yg buat gan? sadis. jauh lo diatas gw. hahaha

  4. @ mr.archi : thanks . keep your eyes on my 3d yah. I need your help on this so much :D

    @ andie : hehehe. iya, gue yang bikin. mana 3d lo ? liatin donggg :D

    @ opan : jadi pan, lagi nyiap2in portfolio :D okey, tar aku maen ke blog kamu yah :)

  5. kreatif! kamu ambil apa? design? same with me. unive manaa? hehehe. tapi saya tidak begitu menyukai major saya kecuali hanya satu alasan untuk membuat bahagia keluarga -.-

  6. hehehe. gue ga ngambil design sama sekali. otodidak aja. hehehe. kamu dkv ya ? :D

  7. I companied her to Gramed, she chose a 3d's book, brought it home..learnt it andd.....ta daaa.....
    She's great, isht she? :P

    Wewww... It is awesome, really... Thumbs up! :D

  8. hahaha. yeah. you are the only person who always be willing to accompany me choosing books on gramed. :D


  9. visit mvhlive.com poe,,kalo gak mau repot sih :P


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