The Blinkumentary Trailer #2 The Blink 182 Documentary

Sunday, November 8, 2009 · Posted in ,

look at this video !
I am frickin overjoyed to see the video
so I could even french-kiss myself !!
I knew they're having they reunion but still,
I always freakin my self out everytime I see them.

oh Holy God, can you please just send them to me ?
and I will devote myself as a monk if you do.

(don't tell God I'm lied !)


well, enjoy the video !

enjoy the octopus Hoppus, the incredibly deLonge

and my mrfamouscheese. :p

adios ! :)

6 Responses to “The Blinkumentary Trailer #2 The Blink 182 Documentary”

  1. hai there.. met kenal yah.. gw hopping dari blog evita nuh ke sini.. and so happyyy to meet the blinkers fann.. hehe.. thx for the video.. love them too.. ^^

  2. hey there. thanks for hopping here ya. hehehe. stay together for the kids, anyway :)

  3. Great! Famouscheese maksudnya apaan poe? Gue taunya clothing line-nya travis itu Famous Stars and Straps? :)

  4. famouscheese itu ID nya si travis di youtube. mrfamouscheese . hohoho..

  5. Love Blink 182 - my fav band. So glad they are back, the world needs them =]


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