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Thursday, November 12, 2009 · Posted in , , ,

soundtrack of the day week

somewhere only we know - keane
stay close, don't go - secondhand serenade

well, I have nothing to post on my blog.
then I suddenly saw a tweet by twiQuotations
on my twitter, and think to post it on my blog.
good ones, huh ?
err, I pick the quote randomly, anyway
*finger crossed* :p
welll, follow twiQuotations on twitter.
he [/she/it/they/whatever !] has lotsa good quotes
for your daily dose. I swear.

umm, I plan to do nothing tonight.
not even my 3dsmax. I just want to hit my hay
and hope to have my lucid dream. :]
catcha later, chum !

ps : am overjoyed tonight *shrieking*


2 Responses to “cure of the day”

  1. Waowww...!! I heart heart heart these quotes..! :D

    Well, i'll follow that twiQuotations! :)

    Ahaa! overjoyed, nice!! :D

  2. yeah. I love their quotes. simply touching, but not cheesy. :D


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