hi, my name is lame

Monday, November 23, 2009 · Posted in

I miss you, you know who
I hate you, you know who
I love you, you know who

hell. I think I'm having my premenstrual syndrome again !
I don't know what's wrong with myself, lately.
I feel soooo random, and empty.
can someone take me to the beach, please ?
put me on a yacht, sail and sink me in the ocean.
swearing in the name of Lucifer, I loathe when I'm like this !

heck ! be right back.
i'll list avenged sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine
and slipknot on my music player.
I have to get over this feeling soon !

6 Responses to “hi, my name is lame”

  1. come on animator girls

  2. well, AMEN to that ! :p
    i'm lame sometimes, then what ? sue me !
    I'll be okay, mr. archi.
    I'm strong enough now. ;)

  3. beach?? ahah,same destination,, wanna go with me? :D

  4. nah. good. sure thang! but you won't sink me in the ocean, yes ? XD

  5. not you!!of course not!!! but i'll searching for a yacht,,and the owner is the one who i'll sink!!!! hihihihihhihihih

  6. hell yeah ! i'm with youuuuu !! XD


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