love and let go

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If you love somebody, let them go,
for if they return, they were always yours.
And if they don't, they never were.
- Kahlil Gibran -

well, won't blab much. let's make it short
I just broke up with my BF :]
yes. shocking.
but we split up in the right way.

we didn't yell, we didn't curse. we laughed, and we I cried

our left brain worked well
our hearts didn't take much part

the point is..after years, we just realized
[maybe] we're not meant to be

this might be not easy for both of us. once, my besties told me
"' the deeper you go, the hardest you go up, you better quit now. ''
yes, I fell to the deepest, and now struggling up.

another friend of mine said '' we don't care how deep you might fall,
but we're always here whenever you
need us the most ''

but hey, I didn't even tell this to anyone :p
no one would even know I've been thinking
about this since 2 months ago :D
well, I just don't like to share sad story to people :)

but chums, I was born super ! *yes ! narcissistic! :p*
I'll be fine. I will not cut my wrist
well, the reason why I'm not doing it is just because I'm too precious.
and also, I hate blood.
so, maybe I'll just guzzle acetaminophen and diet coke in the same time.
hehe. LIED !

and, please..
don't think I'm not upset. I just don't have to write 'em all down, yes ?
you guys will never know if I might will hit my head to pillow
and cried till morning after writing this.
or.. maybe..
not at all.
*what the hell am I actually writing about ?!*

I'm not going to overexposed my personal feelings, anyway.
I'll just keep it for myself.

and, for you.
world's-soon-to-be Mr.architect..
glad to be part of your life.
thanks for teaching me a LOTTTTTTTTTT of thangs.
thanks for verbally abused me sometimes.. :p

ah, don't write too long, poe
he doesn't even know you own a blog !


well, the point of this post is :
I'm cool

thanks for reading, people.
this is the longest post i've ever made
ha !

13 Responses to “love and let go”

  1. Little shock when i read this! heheyy.. Need some minutes to start writing this comment then. haha.

    I heart those two quotes above! damn true! :D

    Sometimes, to love is easy but it's hard to let go but heyy...sure that you can pass this thing well..! Just let me know when u need someone. :)

    PS. Even this is not a happy news, but I heart the way u wrote all of this! not cheesy! COOL!! <3 :D

  2. one of the BEST quote ever :
    - everything is gonna be just FINE.
    well thats just incredibly true, trust me :)
    you go girl!~

  3. congrat girl :) , you just get a new antibody.
    you just go through the test.
    and after you cry loud,bite your pillow,sratch out wall,etc (:D *peace*),,it will works properly.
    it's your life,not his life,the joystick in yours. and a girl like you must be know it surely. :)

  4. @ jeanotisme : haha. I've told you, i was born uber cool. I'm hella good in dealing with stuff ! i said, just smack me to NAV, and I'll be OK. LOL.

    yeah ! I just can't write like 'oh hell, oh fuck. oh no. i'm going to die. i'm going to cut my wrist. i still love him ' bleh ! crap. hehe.

    then wonder, what am i made of ?!
    I'm so proud of me, oh i wanna marry my self !

  5. @ henny : thanks, candy ! I knew it. everything will always be OK. :) sometimes we're way stronger than we could think.

  6. @ audiovictim : hell yeah ! I passed the test ! now i'm stronger than before ! hahaha. well, too bad, but I didn't cry, bite my pillow or scratch the wall. I just straightly go to sleep. pillow attracts me better than anything else. hehe. I am definitely okay.

  7. i just say hello to goodbyeeee....thanks for your blog

  8. what the hell do you mean with hello to goodbye ?

  9. nope. just i want to tell you its me poey

  10. yeah, read it trillion times, translate it well. don't let it leads you to mistaken thoughts.

  11. yeah..thanks..i read it billion times.bye.thanks once girl.

  12. this is really weird. what is so wrong with you ?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.


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