nothing's personal

Sunday, November 8, 2009 · Posted in , ,

howdy !!

I just went back from Gramedia
and bought 2 books.
actually I've been planning to buy books since
a week ago, but yeahh, you know..
p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

so, this is what I bought.
3dsmax for Interior design.
yeah, after didn't involving with that 3d thingy
for almost 2 weeks. now I'm back and ready to
fuck this things up again :D

hmm, catch you later, people..
can't wait to undress my book :D
see ya !

5 Responses to “nothing's personal”

  1. Ahaaa..!! You will continue to learn it again! Can't wait to see ur new design!!!! :D

    Hahaha.. love the last pic that u've drew! and ur brown book! It's really cool! :)

  2. haha . yeah ! after 2 weeks of procrastinating . now I'm back ! hehehe...

    yeah, then right after i drew it, my pen running out of ink. wtf ! hahaha

  3. eh drpd 3ds max , klo cuman buat interior doang mah ada program yg lebih enteng . . . ribet rendernya lagi pake 3ds max mah . . .

  4. hmm.. i knew. intericad bukan bang wendi ? punya softwarenya ? :D

  5. buat interior doank ??????
    perlu sense kalek


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