OMFG. marry me, Eric ! XD

Thursday, November 19, 2009 · Posted in , ,

GEEZ !!!

I am definitely in looooooove with Eric Mongrain !

a friend of mine just told me about Eric Mongrain, and I smacked

on youtube to check this video out.

and. first thang came from my mouth was



this man is definitely ILL !

how in the hell, he can make such a fantastic

melody in that kind o' way ?!

this video is really worth to watch.

I swear in the name of hell ! XD

well, anyway..

I got reviewed (again!) by my chums.

( i swear I didn't insist her to write about me ! >.< )

I have no idea, what's really on her mind.

she posted my pics in any kind of style.

err, I feel so awkward ! LOL

visit her blog


7 Responses to “OMFG. marry me, Eric ! XD”

  1. *high five* hahaha thanks for telling me the new word, missy. i googled it. and somehow i am not feel alone anymore haha.
    and gee, that eric is legit!

  2. ha ! platonic, yes ?! :D
    yeah, but I'm enjoyin' this.
    nothing beats the feeling when we're in love. nyummmss ! :D

    hell yeah ! i think i'm gonna marry Eric and have kids with him ! LOL

  3. ahahahahha!!!
    coba ntar donlod aaahh!!!

    aku ga akan ngerebut si eric untuk nikahin aku kok poe
    tenang ajaaa

  4. hai poe. eric mograin itu siapa?? salam : @miwwa

  5. @andie : haha. download , ndie ! wajibbbb. beneran deh !

    halahhh. si eric homo juga milih2 deh. LOL

    @ miwwa : ga tau siapa miw. tapi nonton aja videonya. niscaya lo bakal terbuai deh :D

  6. wow this is uber cool! and thats a nice melody he played!

  7. yeah. i can't stop listening to it ! :D


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