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I'm really puzzled these 4 days.
my mood swings like hell.
two different vibes strike at once,
and it's been happening since few days ago.
i'm currently having a brain cramps.
my head feels like about to explode.
and i just wish i could explode my own head
so it won't make me feel this way.
fudgeeee !

it's really confuzzling when you're trapped
in a situation where people keep saying bad things
about your paramour, whilst what you see is
absolutely not like what they said.
then tell me, what will you believe ?
your ears ?
your eyes ?
your heart ?

I knew..
there's someone out there who always keep an eye on me.
watching what i do..
reading what i write..
in solitude...
and any of your reason is accepted.
whether is it for loveahs' sake
or whether is it for hatred's sake

I do have eyes
I do have heart
I do have brain
then, please. just let them do their jobs.
whoever it is, you can stop now :)
I know how to take care of myself.

even if one day i might stumble and fall, I'll be okay.
I'm gonna show you how buff am I.
and now, please just let me feel the temporary excitement.
something that i might couldn't feel in the
months/years/ even my whole life ahead.
may I ?

take care of yourself too, anonymous :)

PS: i'm really sorry for being so lame, champs.
but i really can't help myself.
have a great days ahead

10 Responses to “confuzzled”

  1. Heyy, it's okay if u feel lame... It's so human.. :P

    dunno what to say...



  2. . . .

    . .


    Err... Hey, heart the pic, it's so nice!

    #krik :">

  3. cieehh... yg laggi melloww....

  4. posting poto terbarumu beb. *ngarep*

  5. tadi malam aku tidur jam 3 lho. kamu kemana aja?

  6. @ jeanot : yea. I'm running out of words too, lately :(

    @andie : hahahaha.. Baiklah ndie. Akan kuposting poto terbaruku. Perlukah kuedit agar seolah2 kita sedang berfoto bersama ? #halah


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