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and, hell !!
it's now DAMNcember.

*deep breath*
*deep breath*
*deep breath*

phewww ! I don't know where to start.
but I'm kinda frightened to face this damncember.
well, FYI. I plan to go abroad.
and lately, I just feel unsure.
a lot of thangs are running in my mind.

at first, i was so sure to leave this town shortly.
but then suddenly a lot of too many superlative thingies happened
and I just feel like unwilling to leave.
crap, uh ?!
now i started to procrastinate everything.
my portfucklio portfolio. my loot. myself
phewy. phewy. phewy.

ah, Lord !!
if only i got a trillion of bucks, i'll stay !
i swear in the name of Chuck Norris ! x(

but, hey. actually my life is not always about darn thingy.
another greatestestest happenstance do occur.

so, yeah ! i won't pass this month with my cranky thoughts.
I will face it with my hardcore excitement.
uh yeahh !
I think i'm gonna rape you, dreamcember !

well, thanks for reading this
a-bit-personal-yet-random- ish post :D
liplock you goodbye, people !! :)

23 Responses to “damncember!”

  1. Hehey...

    Yeah, let’s aside the worried n frightened a whilst.

    December = end of year, holiday, many great things will occure, die in excitement! :P

    So, make lot of great memories! :D

  2. Hear the writing anyway.. expressed with great! :-)



  4. i'm very lucky on this decembeeeerrr!!!!!

  5. ini sangat mengekang para spammer najis sepertikuu!!!

  6. hahaha.. akan ku matikan moderasinya andie, demi mu ! lihatlah, kurang dalam apa cintaku padamu ? XD

  7. uhm, gak tau harus komen apa.bukan karena aku terlalu serius membacanya, tapi karena aku gak tau artinya :p

    aniwei, setelah baca post ini dan mengamati tweet km belakgan ini, kayaknya km lagi banyak pikiran ya ses?

    hayo hayo, cheer up ya??

    Poe kan taft girl. pasti bisa ngadepin masalahnya. tukang becak aja kalah tangguh sama kamu.

    aduh, aku ngomong apa ini? sudahlah.. :D

  8. just real think...bro

  9. hahahaha. belum dimatiin woi! tak apalah. karna aku sudah tau seberapa dalam cintamu itu.

  10. perlu seberapa banyak spam ini? hahahaha.

  11. @ andie : hahahaha. sumpah, ini komen jadi ramai abis kena andie.. nanti suatu saat akan kumatikan moderasinya, andie. disaat kondisi sudah kondusif..

    @ popok : yeah pok. akhir2 ini memang pikiran tak sebebas dulu. banyak yang menerpa. hehe.. terima kasih sudah memperhatikan.. tweet2 mu juga pok.. kaya banyak pikiran. cheer up ya ! :D

  12. many people especially christians love december.. i've read many good status about december.. how they're so happy 2 welcome christmas n new year.. n u call it damncember.. poor u.. I just pity people like U who just n always compalaing all d time.. well if u think positively u'll not stuck on ur selfishness problems..

  13. i c why u dont brave enough 2 let d comments out.. u're afraid of bad words bout U.. since ur posts always be more "negative" things.. well that's funny.. let c if U dare enough 2 post my comments and if U have a big heart 2 accept it -well i doubt it

  14. @ it's me : hehe. I have no reason to unpublished your comments, sir/miss/whatever. you judge me too soon. well, if you really understand what i wrote, I'm not complaining, I even mention i love this DREAMcember. btw, if you feel you're much brave than me, why don't you write your real name and your link ? aren't two of us are just the same prick ? :)
    think before you yap , anyway :p

  15. @it's me : i'm afraid of bad words about me ? actually yeah, BUT IF ONLY i was born as bad as you. :p

    so you do feel pity about me ? ah, but I ADORE jobless prick like you. smacking on ppl's blog, drop bad thangs in the name of anonymous. what a 'gentleman' !!

    and yeah. I was born with MEGA big heart, and MEGA big brain. but sometimes i have to act like BRAINLESS and HEARTLESS to talk to people like YOU. comprehend it. *yeah*

    my post always be more 'negative' things ? do you read my WHOLE blog ? or you just read the last 3 posts ? *brainfart* then why bother if my life is much more about negative thangs ? am I THAT IMPORTANT to you ? XD

  16. @it's me : i've published your comments, dare you to show up and stab me in the front. don't be such a dickless/cuntless prick. mind your own business, you poor little critter. you're not invited in. there's the door, and don't forget, your car is parked over the HANDICAPPED area. XD *yeahh* !

  17. hahaha.. c how u crazy mad at my comments.. it shows how u can't handle critics.. i just laugh reading ur bad words n all d swearing bout me.. u dont even know me but easily bad mouth me.. sriously lol.. well it's ur fucking life anywaayy *oops i'm sorry 4 swearing u really giving d bad impact anyway*

  18. i'm not mad, bebe. i'm smart enough to differ when a person is throwing critics or just sending a pointless words to me. well, blame your grey matter anyway, for can not talk as smart as what we human do.

    hey, i high lited this line 'u don't even know me but easily bad mouth me' are you sure you're not doing the same thing ? :p

    ah, your swearing is like piece of shit. i don't even feel nothin. i'm so dissapointed. :p you know what, i always enjoy doing things like this. verbally abused a prick like you really make me feel sexay. *yeah*

    ps : i know you dare not to show up . i bet you must be a poor little critter in real life. owh, *cuph* if you wish to continue this conversation, tweet me on twitter, post on my facebook's wall, or try me on messenger. it will make you look a little bit more like a 'gentleman' . okay, 'it's me.. dickless prick?' nyum.. nyum.. warm hugs and kisses.

  19. hahahaha...9x you know poey....english g tak sebagus itulah....biarin ajalah orang itu, jangan dipikirin.

  20. haha. yeah. baru menyadari itu juga. it couldn't be you ! LOL
    ga dipikirin kok. ga penting juga sih. XD


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