converse is love

Saturday, December 5, 2009 · Posted in , ,

yeah. 'twas quote from Paulo Coelho.
i just love his quotes damn muchosss !
btw, the picture above is currently my Uberfave picture.
I just really like capturing the picture of shoes, specially, converse.
you really have no idea how I loveafluffalous that brand of shoes.

well, I got nothing to post recently..
my mood is swinging like shit.
sometimes I feel hyper ecstatic, but sometimes i went ballistic.
ah, life ~~

sooo i guess when i'm running out of idea for blogging,
I'll just post a good pic and quotes.
good idea, huh ?! :)
well, I'm leaving, chaps !
:BIGGGG hugs:

" I don’t know what to do.
I only know that it’s taken me years to understand
that life was pushing me in a direction I didn’t want to go in "

- Paulo Coelho -

3 Responses to “converse is love”

  1. Paulo Coelho? Umm..nice quotes.. :)

    Yeah, hail CONVERSE!! :D

  2. @ andie : mana spam2 mu ndie ? kau berdusta !! :D

    @ jeanot : yeah, and thats why i pwned 5 pairs of converses, missy ! hehe


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