helping hand, please ?!

Monday, December 21, 2009 · Posted in

I wanna cry so badddd !! :((
see those 2 pictures ? I've been working on that thang these days.
and i finished it just now.
i was about to render it. i put some lighting and camera
and the blahblahblah
but scariest thought of mine, happened !
my notebook CAN'T render the livingroom !

FYI, i got 3gb of RAM, 512mb of dedicated VGA,
core 2 duo 2,2 Ghz processor.
and this notebook still CANNOT handle this thang well !
mannn !! I wish i had an alienware. :((
i wanna bawl so baaaaaaadddd !!!

now I badly need HELPPPP, magic, spell or whatever.
so i can render my livingroom on my notebook.
pleaseeeee ?

12 Responses to “helping hand, please ?!”

  1. gila!!!!

    kok kamu pake Intel kalo mau grafis??
    ga bakalan kuat tau kalo pake Intel.
    AMD is the best for graphic!
    tapi ya, boros batrai sih karna makan graphic.

  2. ohya. ini pake program apaan??
    sadis banget 3D sanggup di notebook?!

  3. kenapa ga di PC aja design-nya??
    kasian banget noh kalo ga di render, poe.

  4. dulu aku pake amd ndie, sekarang pindah intel. :D itu 3dsmax, di pc cuma pentium 4. lebih ga sanggup ngerender lagi deh kayanya >.<

  5. Waowww.... i still remember, u bought that 3d's book about design living room just a month ago and start to deal with it weeks after....and now...

    Voilaa!! It almost done!! I think ur 3d get better and better so fast.. :D

    I Cant be a helping hand.. :| haha..but am sure u will find a way with this mess!!!

  6. yeah. it's almost done, but i'm seriously have to find a way to render it. soon ! >.<

  7. 1. matikan semua material, assign standar material, tes render 600x800, tes low render first, kasi satu lighting dulu,...ini pasti bisa dirender, tapi hasil low bgt
    2. hide aja object yg ga nampak waktu render..
    3. latihan buat view camera...ada dibuku
    4. kalo bisa usahakan make vray lighting, jangan standar lighting.
    5. alternatif lain, kemungkinan file rusak, jadi lo coba juga merge ke file baru..
    6. spec ga terlalu ngaruh, spec lo udah cukup...
    7. and,...... fuck u

  8. thanks, will try and fuck you twice. :)

  9. finnaly...congrat....berhasil dirender.

  10. and i owe you galaxies for this :)

  11. wah klo ngerender scene kayak gitu di laptop,kasiaannn bgt ntar laptopnya,apalagi pake vray.hehe
    klo saya mending ngerender di PC seh,punya saya juga msh P4 kok,paling beberapa jam kok ngerender scene kayak gitu,asal gak banyak object kaca ya.

  12. wahh.. makasih ya sarannya. nanti dipraktekin :) mind if i add you to my YM List ? :D


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