shimmering random evening

Saturday, December 19, 2009 · Posted in , , ,

Hell - O !!!

ah, been a whilst for blogging, didn't I ? :D
well, I just went back from a beaut place with my chum, jeanot
then we took some pictures there.
the place really make me feel like heaven.
it's peaceful and yet
gorjuss. :D
here are some of our
ice pictraits.
woo - hoo !

and i just edited my pictrait.
tell me, do i look like poo-poo ? :/

giordano basic tee shirt. unbranded jeans
roxy bag. unbranded shawl. random bangles.
alba watch

BTdubbs, my chum asked me about the picture above.
why do i always have to bow in my every self pictraits.
errr.. to be honest, i don't really like to snap my own mug.
i just feel sketchy. XD

anddd, another crucial yet vital thang of the week !!!!
I'm INSANELYYYYY in loveeeeeee with this band, chaps !!

they really make
awesuperfuckinsome music.
i swear in the name of Petroleum Jelly !
an audiophile of mine told me about this band
and i was like orgasm on the first tunes !

another cocaine came from this geezer.
he asked me to listen to back to me , and sunshine
by the All American Rejects. and I've been like
152366192 times repeating those 2 songs in these
2 days. XD

welp.. reckon that's all, chaps.
me sleepified. been so narcolepsy, lately.
I'll salada !

6 Responses to “shimmering random evening”

  1. heii nice photos, love your outfits..
    btw shawlnya keren beli dimana???

  2. heii nice photos, love your outfits..
    btw shawlnya keren beli dimana???

  3. our pictures, sugahhhpuffff!!!!
    Hahaha.. You look cool and i look .... (personal) hahahahaha..

  4. @ ersa : hai juga echa. thanks, man. fashion blog lo juga keren deh. :) shawl nya gue lupa deh beli dimana. hehehehe

    @ jeanot : hahahaha.. yeah, i do love my pictures, bebe ! XD you look great too, missy ! :D

  5. Hi there! Newbie here,glad to find your blog :) And I love we the kings to - only a second after I heard Skyway Avenue and Check yes Juliet, LOL.
    Lets be bloggiepals!!

    clara xx

  6. heyy. i spotted that you are the owner of 'sunflares plethora's blog, and featured on go!girl magazine :] thanks for droppin by here, bebe. and yes, we the kings is duper awesome. :D bloggiepals ? my most pleasure, missy :)


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