Tibetan personality test

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hey hoooo !!!

I just took this Tibetan Personality test , chaps !
and helllll, it's goddamn true. hehehe..
this is what i got.

hehe. mind me to discuss the result for a whilst.
the first part which telling about my priority in life is
I'm speechless to see the result at first. hehe.
i just can't believe i can put LOVE in the last priority. LOL

the second part tells about personality, partner, enemies, and life.
well, i can say it'sssssss true. XD
see what i wrote on my personalities ?
EWWW ! am i that horrible ? LOL
but i love the way i implies my enemies.
yeah, SMALL. piece.of.shit :p
then i interpret sex like bittersweet.
okay, honestly i have no idea.
so just, skip it. :D
wave implies my own life. yeah.
up and down. i'm quite normal.
Hate implies the personality of my partner.
hm, so someone is hating me from the silence ? or what ?
i'm null for this.

leap to the third part. :D
i laugh my ass off when i read this part. hehe
jean, person i will never forget, oh yeah. she's too kind to be forgotten.
so, check yes for this. :D
mom , someone that i really love.
oh yeah, FER SURE !
Poe, my twin soul. well, yeah i adore myself TOO much,
i think i couldn't find anyone else better than me,
so yeah. myself is my twin soul.
noone else will do as great as me.
*narcissistic level 9*
anddd, the rest two names ?
i have to streak it for some reasons :)
but yeah, those two names are deadly true.
guesstimate it yerself. it could be your name there. XD

well, just try it yourself, chaps !
visit the web


feel free to tell me the result, later on !
i'm leaving :)
:MEGA hugs:

11 Responses to “Tibetan personality test”

  1. Hahaha.. What a great test, huh?!

    jean, person i will never forget, oh yeah. she's too kind to be forgotten. ->> Aihhh...flattered!! :"> :"> Thankss.... :D

  2. hahaha. i always speak the truth, chaps. notify that. *nasty wink*

  3. poeee!!!!

    I'm COMiiiiinNggGggG *ngalay*

  4. WAWAWAW!!!!

    au udah nyoobbaaa....

    setan! ketahuan! padahal cuma ngasal doank maahh.. hahhahahaa

  5. punyaku

    1: FAMILY
    2: PRIDE
    3: CAREER
    4: LOVE
    5: MONEY

    muahahahahahha. kok bener ya???? tapi kenapa duit di bawah???

  6. someone that you will remember for the rest of your life itu pasti aku! mengku saja poe!

  7. hahahaha. bener kan ndieee..
    kuisnya sakti !
    dahsyat !

    ah, memang, sebenernya memang namamu yang tertera ndie ! XD

  8. Salam kenal, wah suka punkrock?

  9. salam kenel juga. yeah.. banget ! :)


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