up all night

Saturday, December 26, 2009 · Posted in

just fuckin download it in a jiffy !
blink 182's new single 'up all night'
i swear in the name of Travis barker's drum kit,
the song is fantastically dope ill.
download it

9 Responses to “up all night”

  1. This is another YAY song!
    I heart blink's logo! cute yet cool! :D

  2. they're super awesomazingly cool !

  3. i've downloaded it pw
    but,i think the singer is not either tom or mark
    is that really blink ?
    cause i think it's another band
    the voice of the singer sounds familiar
    but i can't remember the name of the band

  4. pw,i just searched the lyric at google
    and you know what i found ?
    my feeling is right
    it's not the song of blink 182
    it is the song of a band called Home Grown
    and the title is You're Not Alone
    maybe Up All Night hasn't been released yet, pw
    i searched on youtube too and i found nothing

  5. actually i'm not really sure is it blink or not. since they said they even haven't finished the recording yet. i tried to search on youtube and found nothing too. maybe, yeah. it's not blink 182. but at least, the song is good, isn't it ? :D thanks for the correction, by the way :)

  6. cih. aku muak english. aku muak. huaaaaa.... mama..... -- ok. bukannya blink udah bubar poe? reunian lg ya?

  7. you're welcome pw
    yeah,the song is good even though it's not blink
    so,let's tell each other when we know the song has been released :)

  8. im tagging you on my last post :D

  9. @andie : iya andie. reunian lagi. kemana saja dirimuuuu.. :((

    @opan : yeah. sure will tell you, pan :D

    @onic : wow ! thanks, pebble ! :) will check it, soon


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