with friend like you, who need enemies ?

Saturday, January 9, 2010 · Posted in ,

phew !
i didn't update my blog for about 2 weeks.
bleh ! blame my internet connection.
it went down for almost 2 weeks, and it just made me idle.
but now i'm striking back
woo-hoo !!

anddddd... peopleeee !!
did you see the pictrait above ?
yes, it's a speaker
my lovely biatch just gave me that thingie.
well, here is the story.
I have trouble with my spine. i can't sit on a hard surface for quite long,
i will just feel ache on my spine right after that.

nah, again. blame me.
i don't really care much about the pain on my spine
i just love sitting on the floor, listening to the music from my notebook
and with the speaker plugged in.
since the wire is quite short, i can't move my notebook to my bed.
that's the reason why i keep sitting on floor thou' my spine hurt as hell.

then, this biatch knew about my bad habitude.
she suddenly bought me a speaker, so i can sit on my bed whilst listening to my songs.
and yeah, you guys don't need to tell me.
i knew it well.

sometimes it just came to my mind that she is an angel sent from above for me.
and trust me, when you have a bestfriendish like her,
you don't even need thousand of friends.
she worths more that thousands. :)
and you, perfect biatch.
kazillion thanks for being so kind !
i'm gonna liplock you one day !
ha !

well, i gotta hit my sack now.
i'm currently not in the good shape :[
smell you later, folks !

4 Responses to “with friend like you, who need enemies ?”

  1. errr..err..rr...

    suddenly dunno what to say... haha..

    THANKS!!! :)

    and hey, dont sitting on the floor again, okay?? :D

  2. welkam beeekkk!!!!! AYEEEHHH!!!!!!

    speakernya minta dooonkkk.....
    punya kecil suaranya. #ahem


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