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'Tsup !

few days ago my so-called brother, Yone
was just arrived from München.
and we did some orgy gang up in a eatery.
well, that was a BLAST
we had heaps of fun.
it was just like recalling our high school moment
where we used to bunch up together.

oh how i miss my school desk.
I miss babbling with my classmates.
I miss silently writing and drawing things.
I miss the lunchroom.
I miss guffawing out loud with my friends.
I miss everything.
Fudge ! i want my high school moment back !!

by the way, look at what i wear above.
they were wearing a perfect suit for the gathering moment,
whilst i just wore a tee , hot pants, and a slipper.
i don't know, i'm currently feel like I lose my passion to clothe.
well, it seems like a tee , hot pants and slipper
really satisfy my dressing needs now :))

well, gotta hit my 3dsmax now.
been off 3dsmax-ing for almost a week !
hell-fire !
gotta finish my undone robot :p
arrivederci, fellas !!

4 Responses to “bestfriendish”

  1. well at least you look pretty were the one who wore white T-shirt right?with slipper and all. :-P

  2. haha. yes I am. at least i look pretty to you. not handsome :))

  3. hi, hi, lady young in white tee... you're so cute... #anjinggombal
    this is what we called "narsis all the time" =D

  4. hahahaha.. and so are you, ferdi ! #anjinggamaukalahgombal =P


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