alphabets starts with ABC, love starts with you and me

Monday, April 19, 2010 · Posted in ,

Howdy do !

*cough* *stammering*
well yeah, as what written above. I'm now officially hitched. :]
*blush* *blush* *BLUSH*

I don't care if you feel like want to know about this or not, but i really want to decipher a story about me and him. I'll make it short. :D

so it was all started years ago. Specifically
5 years ago. simply attracted each other at the very first met. closeness in a short period of time. then vanish in dispatch. just a jiffy nearness. nothing really impressing. intermittently met on virtual and yet reality for the 5 years of time being, seemed like couldn't really rub out what was previously felt. but realizing the fact that he was hitched, and i was hooked, the feeling was over. then finally months ago fate pulled us on the other chance of nearness. that time, both of us were companionless. HA !!!

finding a LOT of similarity, having the same way of thinking, the comfortableness feeling, the ability to be the truest of yourself, the aptitude for having a conversation for hours without getting bored pulled us onto something beyond our control. something that grows in a very natural way. we're matter-of-factly in love. *can i insert deeply here? :p* and then, here we are. officially possessed ;)

well, due to his eminence as a quite-well-known musician and yet assorted as one of most aspired creature in town, some people might think I fell for him because of those things. I'm telling you, I AM NOT. I am not a 16-year-old adolescent who fell for a guy because of his look and/or yet his stardom. I simply fell for his personality. it's his ability to listen to my every story, his ability to respond to my every speech, his ability to make me feel safe and comfort every time i'm being with him, and simply the things he does touched my heart. well, what comes the heart, touch the heart. remember ? so again, I naturally fell for his personality. his look and the other things in him are just a bonus.

and, whoever keep jawing about his past, I kindly ask you to stop. for it won't change anything on me, it won't change anything i feel for him, and it won't change anything between me and him. God created two eyes in front of our head, simply it means He wants us to use our eyes to look forward, not to look backwards. capish ? :)

so I also gratitude those who approve and wish for our contentment. you know you're cool, don't you ? :D and yes, this bastard has changed me a LOT. he turned me upside down - inside up. Oh, somebody please go and slap him ! XD . and you, the heart flame. well, we both know how long and how hard it is for us to wind-up this way, don't you ? it's really worth the wait and yet worth to fight for after all. ah ~ actually, i was about to write i love you , but i guess you'd already knew. :p

so, that was my happy-never-ending story, people.
yes. a happy-never-ending. because I'm not expecting for an ending. :D
and I'm too sleepy now. smooching you buh-byes ! :)

4 Responses to “alphabets starts with ABC, love starts with you and me”

  1. reading a post about someone falling in love is just really great.congrats to both of you then. :-)

  2. DANG!!! aheyy!!

    Well, this lass seldom write a long post so this is rare thing that she wrote about 40 lines. :))

    I like the title and heart the content. It's great. touching. sweet. nice. and amazing. Yeah, amazing how the universe works and it starts with a coincidence and end with a happy-never-ending relationship. :D

    It's true that you change a lot, missy.. kind, loving , and *ahem* hot? *ahem* =)) =))

    Cheers for the happy-never-ending story!! :D

  3. hehe. yeah. this is the longest post i've ever made since the very first time i started blogging. :D

    oh, yeah, of course I know i'm THAT good in touching people's heart. :))

    well, thank you galaxies for your effort and support, missy ! *cups*

    and in the name of the universe above all God and Goddess , AMEN !! :D


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