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hi - ya !
so, have you heard about kokology test ?
well, it's a test which comes from Japan to find out your personalities.
Imma just post some questions here. you can google it yourself if you want to know further.

A. You find a closed black briefcase on the street. There's nobody else around, and when you open it to find out the owner's name, a bundle of cash spills out -- and no ID. The money is almost certain to become yours. what is your reactions ?

- "Hey, this must be my lucky day!"
- "Oh no, what am I going to do now?"
- "I'd better take a night to think this over."
- "God must have wanted me to have this."

key to in the bag

1. "Hey, this must be my lucky day!"
You have a childlike capacity for joy.

2. "Oh no, what am I going to do now?"
It's OK to feel uncertain, but in the end the decision is up to you. Don't wring your hands too long -- someone else may take your good fortune away.

3. "I'd better take a night to think this over."
You're a deliberate person who seldom relies on your instincts. Do you ever take a risk?

4. "God must have wanted me to have this."
Either you don't take divine intervention very seriously, or you think of dating as a religious experience.

B. You've just bought a copy of a popular weekly magazine and taken it home to read. How do you go through the features inside?

- Read the whole magazine in order from first page to last.
- Jump straight to the articles that you know will interest you and read only them.
- Flip randomly through the pages and read anything that seems worthwhile.
- As long as the format hasn't changed, you'd read the features in the same order you always do.

Key to In the Pages of a Magazine

1. Read the whole magazine in order.
You're the type who knows where every penny of your money is and what it's being spent on. It's not that you're all that concerned about your budget or financial planning; you just feel more comfortable when you know exactly how things stand. You hate the thought of missing something, so you keep all your accounts in order and know the current balance of your checking account, including interest, as a matter of course.

2. Jump straight to the articles that you know will interest you.
Money burns a whole in your pocket. If you have it, you use it to buy whatever catches your fancy and think, 'maybe I'll start a savings account next month', as you spend your last dime. If you have managed to save something, it's not unusual for you to make a trip to the cash machine and make a withdrawal just to give yourself something to do.

3. Flip randomly through the pages.
You'd say you're economical. Some would call it stingy. The fact is, you don't spend frivolously or waste your resources, preferring to save it for a rainy day. You'll never get carried away with impulse buying or max out your credit cards shopping on cable TV, but you might want to loosen up on the purse strings on occasion. After all, money is there to help you live well.

4. Same order as you always do.
You keep spending according to habit regardless of changes that take place in your life. If you hit the lottery, it would be hard for you to stop shopping at discount stores. Alternatively, if you were facing bankruptcy, you might still insist on designer label clothes. You can't be bothered worrying about the vagaries of fortune, which would make a good idea for you to hook up with a partner who can, and let him or her handle the finances.

C. You are back in the era when everything was washed by hand and hung out to dry. The dirty clothes have started to pile up, and you really need to do the laundry today. But when you look at the sky, you see dark clouds threatening rain. what goes through your mind ?

1. “Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding! You mean I’ve got to wait till tomorrow? What am I going to wear?”
2. “Let’s wait for a little while and see if the weather clears up.”
3. “Well, I guess I won’t have to do laundry today after all.”
4. “I’m going to do this damn laundry whether it rains or not.”

Key to hung out to dry

1. “Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding! You mean I’ve got to wait ill tomorrow? What am I going to wear?”
Stress level: 80. You’ve been letting all the little things that can and do go wrong in life get to you, and now the stress has built up so much that even the smallest annoyance can send you into a funk all day. It’s time for you to take a break and relax before it starts affecting your health.

2. “Let’s wait for a little while and see if the weather clears up.”
Stress level: 50. You aren’t overwhelmed by stress in your life, and you manage to keep a good perspective when things don’t go as planned. Keep working on those problems you can solve as they arise, and you’ll be fine. Remember, not all stress is bad. Let the stress in your life motivate you.

3. “Well, I guess I won’t have to do laundry today after all.”
Stress level: nearly 0. You don’t let small problems bother you and don’t see the point in worrying. You may be on to something with your easygoing philosophy; you can’t stop the rain by worrying about it.

4. “I’m going to do this damn laundry whether it rains or not.”
Stress level: close to 100. You feel so much stress in your life that you ignore reality and try to achieve the impossible. And when you fail, you end up with bigger problems and more stress than before. If you’d just take the time to relax and think things through, you’d see how much effort you’ve been wasting. Slow down and take things easier. It won’t kill you to war that same pair of socks one more day.

D. You're walking down the street, thinking of other things when you stumble into a garbage can on the sidewalk and knock it over. What comes spilling out from under the lid?

- Nothing comes out - the can was empty.
- A pile of loose trash spills out onto the street.
- Apple cores, chicken bones, and other raw garbage.
- A well-tied black plastic garbage bag.

Key to you're only a human

1. Nothing comes out, the can was empty.
People who gave this answer tend to live their lives without making displays or false pretenses. What you see is what you get. It's this simple honesty that gives them their charm.

2. A pile of loose trash spills out onto the street.
Those of you who said the can was full of loose trash may seem to be straightforward and forthright to others but actually have a pile of unexpressed feelings locked up within. You may notice these feelings only as a general sense of frustration, but when you think about it, aren't there places where you've been holding back from saying what you really feel?

3. Apple cores, chicken bones, and other raw garbage.
People who imagined a pile of kitchen waste are suppressing their appetites and the natural desire for food. Maybe you're on (or just avoiding) a diet. Or trying to save money by cutting back on eating expenses. Whatever the case, it's taking a toll on you.

4. A well-tied black plastic bag.
People who saw a neatly tied garbage bag have a strong sense of selfcontrol. Maybe too strong. You hate to show weakness or make complaints - your pride won't allow it. But letting others know how you really feel is no sign of weakness. Loosen up the drawstrings and let some air in before all that garbage goes bad and starts to smell.

E. Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. Just thinking about it should give your spirits a little lift. Now turn your mind's eye down to survey the landscape. Which of the following scenes feels most calming and relaxing to you?

- A white snowy plain.
- A blue seascape.
- A green mountain.
- A field of yellow flowers.


1. A white snowy plain.
You are blessed with a special sensitivity that allows you to comprehend situations at a glance and decipher complex problems without needing any proof or explanation. You have what it takes to be a clear-sighted decision maker and even something of a visionary. Always trust your first intuitions; they will guide you well.

2. A blue seascape.
You have a natural talent for interpersonal relations. People respect your ability to communicate with others and the way you help bring diverse groups together. Just by being around, you help others work more smoothly and efficiently, making you an invaluable member of any project or team. When you say, "Nice job. Keep up the good work," people know you mean it. So it means that much more to them.

3. A green mountain.
Your gift is for expressive communication. You always seem to be able to find the words to express the way you feel, and people soon realize it's exactly how they were feeling, too. They say that joy shared is multiplied, while shared grief is divided. You always seem able to help others find the right side of that equation.

4. A field of yellow flowers.
You are a storehouse of knowledge and creativity, bursting with ideas and almost infinite potential. Keep attuned to the feelings of others and never stop working on building your dreams, and there is nothing you cannot achieve.

pretty fun, uh ? :D
well, smooch you goodbyes !

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  1. it's a nice quiz.I find that the answers are suitable for my personality. :-)

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    by the way, anonymous is so high school. well, just saying.

  5. dear, may we know your sources?:) good day!

  6. The sources was taken randomly from Google. :)

  7. I want more. VERY INTERESTING

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