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Howdeedo !

so as you can see, I'm quite jobless tonight, so here i am.
answering trivial question.

1. So, what did you do all day?
- i'm adoring myself *cough* :))

2. Coolest thing you've gotten in the mail lately:
- hmm, #AnjingGombal will published on book. how cool is it, do you think ?

3. Do you have any collections?:
- I collect hearts, and fans and enemies as well. #eaaa =))

4. Last movie you saw at a theater:
- can't recall

5. What was the last thing you created:
- Trends. *alah* :))

6. Are you reading any books right now?:
- some tutorials book.

7. What do you do when you can't fall asleep?:
- well, I go dreaming. sometimes i'm asleep when I'm dreaming :p

8.What is your favorite kind of food that you only get to have once a year:
- McDonald's chicken porridge and sugar bun's soupy rice. *GASP*

9. What's that noise?:
- voices in my head. fufufu

10. Isn't there another appropriate response for "I love you" besides "I love you, too."?:
- do me. *alah* :))

11. Last new artist that you listened to and really liked:
- you me at six

12. Share random fact about yourself:
- I'm random. :))

13. What color would you like to bleed?:
- #ff3554 . i bet i'd look cute to bleed in pink.

14. If you were to dress up as a musician, which one would you be?:
- hayley williams. she's just yumm !

15. Ever have those moments when you realize that you somehow just cheated death?:
- yeah. once at Solo. a great accident happened few seconds after i passed by. scary.

maybe I'll browse some more questions to answer.
this is fun.

3 Responses to “trivial”

  1. anjing gombal will be published in a book?well that's quite an achievement.congrats on that btw. :-)

  2. Trust me, not only to answer the questions, it's really fun to read your answers too.. hahahaha.. very amusing, dear.. :))

    The Picnic Girl

  3. @jacobian : hehe. yeah. thank you :)

    @miy : LOL. thank you wery wery much, candy ! :) and oh how i adore your blog, missy. *winks*


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