abso-bloody-lutely CUTENESS

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 · Posted in

Dear my future husband, take a look at this kid,
you gotta sue her for making me wanting a tree of baby girl now.
repeat. a TREE of baby girl.
I really can't wait to dress my babies up.
*nasty chuckle*
and wait, can't believe I think about having babies now.

and you, Mr. and Mrs. Cruise,
did you guys have sex on heaven by that time ?
because i'm really curious,
how on earth your baby girl can be THAT cute.

last but not least, dear cutie Suri, do you know that,
me (and maybe my future babies)
officially envy you (and yes, your closet too) to death.

4 Responses to “abso-bloody-lutely CUTENESS”

  1. I don't thinks it's related to where they have sex in the first place.it's about the gene in the sperm of tom cruise. haha...

    anyway cute kids like that could become a star in the future. :-)

  2. hahaha. yeah. i knew, it's just a metaphor. haha..

    yeah, Suri is really cute, she's the next big thing.

  3. helloo :b
    how do you do poe ? exchange link dongg :b

    visit my blog please :)

  4. aduh aduh, suri udah gede ya. kecil-kecil gitu udah keren.

    i envy her! LOL


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