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Friday, July 16, 2010 · Posted in

"No one else could ever mean half as much as you mean to
me now."
-All Time Low

So here I am. and here we are. 3 monthversary of a very sugar-coated love story. *big grin*. since this is my personal blog and also my writing and babbling spree is on highest level, so I might quite write a lot.

Well, first of all, so sorry. It's not that I want to brag about him, but this critter is just scarce. It really spellbound me to see how a person could concern about you THAT much. How he treat you attentively. How he tries so hard not to harm you. and how your happiness is his ground zero. I can say I am simply butter up. Envy me not. *halah* :))

3 months puffed with glee, tattle, epic holidays, goofy jokes, silly pictures, endebla endecle, but still I can't get enough of him. Captivated by the constant chat and talk. morning to the afternoon. evening to the night. I think I forget how to get bored. There is no way I could spend a day without talking with him.

Still I want to brag about the comfortableness of being with him. his fortitude of fondling my mood swing. his ability to burst me with laughter, his talent of directing me explicitly, and the foremost I am still impressed with his aptitude to minister my every talkfest.

I know 3 months is quite hasty, but I can unequivocally says that my mind is pretty persuaded to experience a preponderant stage with him. Well, as an end wise, I just can implore the universe  to yield our itch.


Love in math, is a problem. In history, is a battle. In science, is a reaction. But to me, Love always will & simply be, YOU.

5 Responses to “and I wrote this for you”

  1. a preponderant stage :-? your wish is my command :p

  2. actually I was a bit suprise that you updated your blog everyday now.usually it takes a few days for this blog to be updated.

    well I guess the feeling of love is quite helping you in search of inspiration to fill this blog with something though. :-)

  3. @audiovictim : LOL. that's on my first list. note that :))

    @jacobian : hehe.. well, yeah. love inspire everyone, aight ? :))

  4. cieeeeee! ahem, no comment hihi ;p long last kakak cantik.


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