auditory orgasms

Thursday, July 29, 2010 · Posted in

well, It's been a while since I posted about my playlist. So I guess I'm gonna list down the songs on my media player in this post.

1. Liquid confidence - you me at six
2. xDESTROYx - Eatmewhileimhot
3. Turn it off - Paramore
4. It's not your fault - New Found Glory
5. The beach - All Time Low
6. I don't wanna dance - Hey Monday
7. Shiver me timbers - Mercy Mercedes
8. Reach for the sky - Secondhand Serenade
9. Fun - Walking The Dog
10. Stay young - We The Kings

Well, I still have a local band that captivates my ears. Truth be told I was never been a fan of a local band. but Tone Office is the first (local) band that really touch the G-spot on my ears *halah*.

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2 Responses to “auditory orgasms”

  1. touch a G-spot of yours? well that's fascinating.haha...

    *we're talking about female orgasms right? :-)

  2. well yeah. simply play me a song. :))


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