when you get married, you better be really married.

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Why get married? There are some crazy reasons why people get married, and then there are some better reasons for getting married.
A happy marriage is dependent on making sure you’re getting married for the right reasons.
Many of you may have heard about some crazy reasons why people are getting married. below are some reasons listed.

1. You hear your biological clock ticking.
2. Your prospective bride/groom is totally hot.

3. Your prospective bride/groom is filthy rich.
4. All your friends are married, and it seems like the thing to do.
5. It will be good for your career.
6. It seems like the next stage of life you should enter.
7. Your parents think you should get married.
8. You’re afraid you can’t do any better.
9. You think your partner can make you happy.
10. You have the perfect life planned out with him/her.

Those were some crazy reasons, then what about a perfect reason for a marriage ?

1. You can’t imagine spending your days or nights apart from your lover.

2. You find your mate interesting, compatible and kind.
3. You want to have children together, and you know marriage improves family stability.
4. You have similar values and life goals.
5. You respect and celebrate your differences.
6. You feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found your mate.
7. You are committed to a lifetime of seeking to please one another.
8. You are confident you can overcome any hardship together.
9. You know each other so well that you are happier and more effective as a couple than alone. 10. You’ve shared your deepest flaws and pain, and love each other anyway.

Well, I don't know what are people's reason when they're thinking to enter a marriage. but when it comes to me, when I get married, I want to be really married. ;)

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