Cardiology of the Charlottes

Monday, November 15, 2010 · Posted in

Good Charlotte, the Maryland band’s was just released their new album "Cardiology" on November 2nd via Capitol Records.

The album cover depicts a heart symbolizing the theme of album which front-man Benji Madden explained as songs that are “all connected to the heart.

I have just listened to their whole songs and manage to write part of my thoughts about their new album here.

The album, from start to end, it is an enjoyable solid record that should appeal to anyone that loves great music. Cardiology is a personal mature record. It is sincere. Each track represents what you feel in your heart in your daily life (family, relationship, romantic, adventures etc.). 

My first impression was good when I heard Like its her birthday  that announced the truth about Cardiology. This guitar-fuelled Like It's Her Birthday starts heading down a darker path, with questions of infidelity, before it turns into a sweet feel-good tune about finding your girlfriend uninhibited on the dance floor for the first time.

After all, This album is simply remarkable and deep. Every individual song is worth playing. The whole album is a must have and listen. No need to skip. The tracks manage to touch you and keep you interesting. The tunes work great and are unified. From start to end, the band keep the songs upbeat and enjoyable. Hard to choose favorite songs because there are plenty of standout track on this album. Lot of energy and hook chorus.

Well, this lovestruck collection is a welcome return to form that should restore fans' faith in the band.


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