Plain White T's New Video "Boomerang"

Thursday, April 14, 2011 · Posted in

Fresh off of their US tour, pop-rockers Plain White T's premiere the video for their new single 'Boomerang.'

The catchy jam about not being able to resist coming back to the one that threw you away is Plain White T's second single from their sixth studio album 'Wonders of the Younger'.

Amidst colorful confetti, balloons and jerky stop-motion footage the band takes a lighthearted approach to being jerked around by a lover. "You pull me in close/ You throw me away/ I keep coming back like a boomerang/ You tell me to go/ You beg me to stay/ I keep coming back like a boomerang," frontman Tom Higgenson sings as he spins around on a revolving stage.

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