Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday (2011)

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Taking Back Sunday‘s new self-titled album was released on June 28th. This album definitely has the Taking Back Sunday sound, whereas their last album lost a bit of that.  I was expecting 'Taking Back Sunday' to be a disappointment however it turns out to be a thorough rock record with a strong sense of consistency with numerous highlights.

The opening track is full of energetic emotion with screaming vocals which quite reminds me of Brand New. Taking Back Sunday was always divisive, given that its lyrical quality was never too poetic. The band’s newfound sense of energy isn’t exerted through searing riffs or coarse screams. On their self-titled fifth LP, that passion is poured straight into the songwriting, which is more memorable and consistently catchy than it has ever been. 

Their most tracks seem to stand at odds with the old and new sound, there are some that actually get it right without little friction.  The band also blends some soft, melodic verses and keyboard solos with shouting choruses in tracks. 

In short, this is a great CD to throw on when you're looking for something to blast and sing along to on a summer road trip or on your way down the shore. Kudos to Taking Back Sunday for not taking the easy way out. They've created an exciting, challenging album that feels like a new beginning and a culmination of prior work all at once. 

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  1. Is it brand new - the quite things that no one ever know ? I will take a look at this albums, and thanks FYI.


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