Feelings Vomit

Saturday, March 3, 2012 · Posted in ,

How do you trust someone that he won’t cheated on you while he actually cheated on his fiance just to get you ? How do you trust someone that once a player, and now can seem so in love with you ? How do you trust yourself that you’re actually can be someone’s anything ?

My biggest question.

So yeah, the story went like that. One cheated on his fiance just to get another girl’s heart.

The answer ‘I never wanted the engagement. Her parents insist me/us. I never really engaged in heart’ barely satisfy me.

Even the comments from his closest friends to him like ‘I never seen you as happy as this before with your exes’ or ‘you seem really’ve found your soulmate’ or ‘you two really seems so in love’ still can’t stop my fear of being cheated.

The explanation like ‘You probably will never know how different this feeling when I’m with you. But if only I can show you how my life was before you, you’d really know. And just so you know, the things I’ve ever done to you were things that I completely never did to any girl before you. You probably won’t believe the thing I say. But you’ve heard it from my friends how I am to you’ still can’t stop me from thinking too much.

He’s nice. Even sometimes too good to be true. I know he loves me, and I can say that I do really love him too.

But it’s just me, that too afraid of getting hurt, being lied and cheated.

Oh well, who doesn’t ? lol.

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  1. Trust is a fragile thing and is worth the price. It easily destroyed but took a long time to get it back, sometimes it takes whole life time.. :)


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