It Doesn’t Matter How Long It Takes Us to Get There, As Long As You Get There

Thursday, July 19, 2012 · Posted in ,

Checked my blog's page views, and my 'Probably our saddest convo' is the most viewed post amongst my other post. Tsk, people really love to watch other people's sadness, uh ? *flippin table*

By the way, he just talked to his parents again, and as predicted, they disapprove it again. But we are okay this time. What have happened just make us come out stronger than before. He as usual; shocked with his parents' reaction, but said it was kind of relieving to say what he actually wanted to say. So I told him that it's okay. We'll give it a try again next time.

Me : So how are you feeling now ?

Him : Still a bit shocked. But glad, at least I can say what I need to say

Me : Be strong, okay. :)

Him : I will. You too. Be strong okay.

Me : I will. And thank you for doing this again for us, kay.

Him : No worries.. and I love you soooooo much, baby.

Me : :') I love you more !

When you really love someone, there's no chance you would let someone slipped away. Enough said.

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