When You Get to the End of Your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang on

Monday, July 16, 2012 · Posted in ,

Well, I received pretty lots of comments on my Twitter mention and DM regarding to my previous post about me and my bf. Though it's pretty awkward because I didn't thought that I'd received such lovely and touchy comments, but I'm really glad to know I have many people sending prayers for us, hoping that we'd get through this. :D

I didn't fake it when I said it was hurt. It really did.
But my boyfriend and I were trying to get back again on this and will try to put more effort to make this happen, and it shall work this time.

This is not the first time we felt hopeless. I once (or twice or thrice or, ok IDK. can't even remember) got into this kind of situation. Where I felt stuck and giving up was the only idea I can think of. Then he came and calmed me down again, told me that we'd get through this. Then I got my faith back again.

Not that I'm telling the situation is under controlled. Not that I say we finally get an approval. But he finally got his faith back again on this. To know that I'm still his reason to fight for, to know that I'm still his reason to hold on into such kind of situation, to know that the only person he wants to be with is merely me are more than enough to make me keep walking on this (a little bit longer). :)

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