There's No Such Thing as Coincidence..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 · Posted in ,

My current favorite pictraits. Hehe. *blush* Tapi ga dibolehin dijadiin profile pic sama pacar karena posenya pelukan. What's so wrong with a hug actually. It's not a sexual activity, no ? ERGH !

By the way, I just booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur by the end of December.

It would be my sixth time there, but this time would be different since I'm going there with bf. :p Then I had a little chat about this with him. Thinking how funny things spin around us before we met.

Me: I remember the second time I was in KL. My friend texted me and said you asked about me, and she told you I was in KL. A few years later, I'm going back there with you.

Him: Yeah. I remember I asked about you to your friend when you were in KL.. :D

Me: It's just funny, don't you think ? It really feels like the time is actually choosing  for its best time for us.

Him: The universe really conspire on us.

Me: I hope it always will. :')

You guys probably won't understand what it feels like. But never mind, waste no time thinking. :))

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