The Happenings of Shit

Sunday, November 25, 2012 · Posted in ,

No matter what challenges might carry us apart. We'll always find the way back to each other.

We've been through a couple of tough weeks lately, I don't know. Shit just happened and it felt like you both fallen out of love. The older you grow, the more you realized relationships are not easy. There are many things that could harm your relationships if you both not really taking good care enough of it. Yeah, some would think we both have taken good care enough of our relationships. We did. But..still. As i said, shit happened most of times and sometimes there is nothing you can do but watching things start to fall apart.

But then again, it's a bless to have someone that always want to fix anything no matter how wrecked it is. Lucky are not those who have someone that promises he won't hurt you. But lucky are those who have ones that always fix everything because he wants you around.

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