Now I Believe You Do

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I don't know what always makes me doubt when someone loves me. Maybe because I don't love myself enough so I find it hard to believe when someone says they love me (deeply).

So last week was a tough week. When we've prepared several things for our marriage, his parents started out a problem. We have tried our best to talk and explain everything. We have done everything we need to do. We have sent the most touching text we need to say. And his parents didn't touched at all. His parents even told him to leave me that made him really mad. Even when he had explained that he would never marry anyone else because he has never feel something this deep before. He explained that even everyone is telling how happy he is when he is with me. But still they didn't care. Nothing seemed can really change his parents' mind. He started to look depressed, and disappointed, and upset. He felt like running away, he couldn't eat, and held his anger and disappointment for weeks.

But just like a time bomb, everything has its own time. So yesterday he went home after sending some texts begging his parents to understand but apparently they didn't. And he got no strength to do shalat because everything seems impossible. And he started to cry like a child that his mom has to put him on her lap and told him to calm down. Something that his mom never seen in the last 20 years in his life. Something that he never did in the last 20 years. And he begged his mom to understand that he never loved anyone as much as he does.

And that makes me shiver that I can't even say anything when he told me. That I never thought a guy that I always complained for his lack of expressions could do such thing because he loves me. That just.. well simply wash my insecurities and doubts away. That makes me believe that he had never loved anyone else as much as he does now. :')

Thank you, you for loving me more than I deserve. :')

5 Responses to “Now I Believe You Do”

  1. Oh my this is so heart-warming... I'm so happy for you that you have such a great guy that really loves you no matter what!
    And I couldn't agree more of the part when you said it's hard to believe there is someone out there who loves you deeply...because I have that same kind of feeling, so I kind of understand what you feel that it feels so hard to trust people completely. And I'm glad that you can do it now! :)

  2. aaaaaaww! touchy banget ni kakpoee!

    bang Desri-nya ini patut banget di contoh *noted*

  3. Heh kamu ke mana aja ga pernah keliatan tau2 nongol di comment blog-ku ? >.<

    1. aku bertapa sambil ngeblogg kaakk.. lagi blogwalkingg XD
      kakk.. maaf lahir batiniahh yaaaa!

      *komen yang telat 1 bulan*


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