Sawasdee-Ka !

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 · Posted in

Since I haven't had my blog updated for quite a long time, I decided to post my vacation in Bangkok last month. :))

Despite of its night city life where you can find prostitutes easily as you step out of your hotel, Bangkok was a nice place to visit. Their Grand Palace and The Temple of Reclining Buddha stunned me a lot for seeing such a huge and beautiful place. It worth my every penny there. Also the Madame Tussaud was a nice place to take a lot of fun pictures (if you are thinking to go there, purchase the ticket online to get 50% off the ticket price). The stuff were effing cheap that I wanted to buy everything but I couldn't because I couldn't bring 'em all.

What surprised me was Bangkok is full of pork. I went to 7 Eleven to buy instant noodles, they were all pork. The fried rice they sold were also pork. I went to Food Republic, there were pork. And what surprised me more was when I went to one McD stall, they sold pork porridge. But even so, I still saw so many Pakistani in Bangkok. Such a good place to see how people can blend in diversity.

3 Responses to “Sawasdee-Ka !”

  1. kok bisa itu pork semuaa? pork and beaanns~ *salah pokus*

    mana pantai dan gunung-gunungnya kaakk dikit ni potonya hahaha

  2. Aku juga ga tauuu. Makanannya pork semua di sana. :))

    Woo itu udah di-update lagi fotonya woo. Bhahaks. *Gampang dipanas2in*

  3. beautiful photos. I bet the reclining Buddha statue didnt notice you there. so big...

    i see they have a clean beach too there.


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