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This is not a new song, I know. But I just randomly listened to this song and made me want to write this post.

Yesterday was another day of his battle with his family. To fight for what he wants, to be with the person he wants to be with. Their final answer was still no. Then he came to me, asked for a hug.

I was not in a really good mood yesterday. And I blamed him for ruining my mood. I should have known he needs a support. I should have known he needs someone to hold on to. But I wasn't that person yesterday.

He was in his darkest day, and I made it even darker. He said his battles after all these times are pointless. He has no more place to go and there's no point of living anymore. Then I suddenly realized how dumb I am to start a fight in such situation. And he cried in my arms.

It was like a big slap on my face. I felt like not being thankful enough for having a guy who has gone through everything just to be with me, to take every risks that I know must be uneasy but still gone through it.

So, really..
I don't wish to be who I was yesterday. Never again.
I want him to always feels home in me.
I want to be home.

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