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hehe.. well. well. well. I just had a conversation
with him, regarding to our decision on my previous post.
and suddenly I'm feelin' like we're the most 'romantic'
ex-couple in the world *cough* hehe. read this !

Him : I got my 200-billion-cost project. but now I lose
you. I'm thinking to burn this contract into pieces !

Me : DON'T BURN IT ! just don't !! who knows I might
think to comeback to you after you get the money !!

Him : ................

Him : Money just seems nothing for me now.
I would rather lose the money than to lose you.
but regrets always come last. I'm just too late.
Me : yeah, it's universally known, when I decay,
the whole world seems useless
Him : ................

Him : do you have any last words to say ?
Me : can I have your 3dsmax's CDs and books ?
Him : ..................

Him : say something..
Me : what if I bawl after I speak ?
do something to distract me, okay ?

Him : okay. how if I turn on the notebook when
I think you're about to cry ?
i will show you som...

hehe, weird conversation, huh ?
but trust me, though I'm so loud-mouthed as written
above, I bawl couple of times. he laughed, felt annoyed and
said ' what the hell are you bawling for ?!
just stop for a whilst ! what a whiny !
oh, what a romantic ex-couple we are !

but well, decision has made.
nothing's change :)
me and him will just be friends..
and everything ended..

and for those who asked about me,
once again. I AM FRICKIN' OKAY.
so does he. we still laugh like pigs as if nothing's happen.
I just don't need to write about our whole stories here.
farewell is not always like what we seen on TV's.
curse. yell. smack. slap. smoke. drink. suicide.
there's no such things. we ended it well.
that's it.

Some things are just never meant to be,
no matter how hard we wish they were.

- @twiQuotations -

by the way, visit my chum's blog
she just wrote about ME !!!
well, I insist her. and she just sincerely
write it down. hahaha..
visit her

well, leaving you guys !

8 Responses to “brutalism romantism”

  1. Hahaha.. You guys such a romantic ex-couple.. :)

    Yeahh, it ended well, hah.. :D

  2. *bahasa mode on* abdi teh sama ex abdi ga gitu-gitu amat lho, neng. kami pisah ga secara baik2 gitu. tapi sekarang saya jomblo dan dia uda dapat pacar yang cakep sih. #curcol #halah

  3. hahaha. yeah. tapi percayalah, kalo pisah baik2 itu rasanya enak banget :D gue udah pernah ngerasa, dari pisah yang sangat tidak baik2 sampai yang baik2 banget kaya begini. hehe..

  4. Some things are just never meant to be,
    no matter how hard we wish they were. so true, darling.

  5. i think,maybe u need to listen "duality"? or other romantic song, in case to make feel better after u done :D

  6. hell yeah. i've been listening to 'duality' like CRAZY, currently ! hehe..
    well, I don't need any romantic song. because I feel fucking damn okay.. :]


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